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  Insulated Tumbler FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. What kind of lids do you have for the tumblers and cups?

A. We offer travel lids with a large opening that will also accommodate a straw. We also offer a plastic straw lid.


Q. What is the advantage of Signature insulated tumblers over acrylic cups or tumblers that are insulated?

A. Acrylic tumblers and cups are not dishwasher sturdy and will break if dropped. Signature insulated tumblers are made of polycarbonate and are guaranteed for life not to break. 18oz coffee mugs have a handle twice as wide. Also, Signature tumblers can be returned to our store and exchanged on the spot, without having to pay for freight and going to the trouble of shipping.


Q. Will Signature tumblers be hot to the touch if holding a hot beverage?

A. No. Because of the double wall insulation, you can hold the cup against your hand.


Q. Will these glasses break easy? Will they shatter?

A. Signature tumblers are guaranteed for life not to break. They are made of a high quality polycarbonate, the same material used to make fighter jet canopies. No need to worry about dropping on the floor, patio, or boat deck.

B. Yes, Signature tumblers are shatter-proof. Great for boats, decks, and of course, kitchens.


Q. Do Signature tumblers sweat like a conventional glass?

A. Absolutely not. Because they are double-walled tumblers, they reduce condensation greatly. Mostly, they don’t sweat unless the humidity is very high.


Q. Do Signature tumblers keep hot drinks hot longer? How much longer?

A. Signature tumblers do keep hot drinks hot longer because of the double-walled insulation. Using a lid will insulate it up to 3 times longer than conventional coffee cups or drink ware. They are also dishwasher and microwave-safe.


Q. Does ice keep in a Signature tumbler longer than conventional drink ware?

A. Ice keeps much longer in a Signature tumbler and does not sweat like a glass. In fact, depending on the beverages acidity, ice can keep for as long as 6 hours.


Q. How do these compare with Tervis Tumblers?

A. Both Signature tumblers and Tervis Tumblers are guaranteed for life, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, reduce condensation, and made in the USA. However, there are several advantages of owning a Signature tumbler. Signature’s 16oz traveler is slightly taller and a true 16oz. Signature’s 18oz coffee mugs have a handle twice as wide. Also, Signature tumblers can be returned to our store and exchanged on the spot, without having to pay for freight and going to the trouble of shipping.


Q. Can I special order sorority tumblers to match my school/college colors?

A. Of course. We just have to get permission from the Insulated. For example, the University of South Carolina chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma ordered a large quantity in their school colors.


Q. How can I get a corporate patch made through Tumbler Bay?

A. Very simple and the process can be expedited fairly quickly. See the corporate loge link for information on sizes, colors, designs, etc. We also do not charge a set up fee as most do.


Q. How do I return a Signature tumbler if something does happen?

A. Simply bring the tumbler or cup to our store and we will be glad to replace it on the spot. If you do not live in the area, you can return it to the factory in Minnesota. Please eMail or call us for the address.


Q. Do you offer an affiliate program and how does it work?

A. Absolutely. Visit our affiliate page for more details.



Please feel free to call our store in North Myrtle Beach at (888) 601-4719

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